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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Today's the Day

As of this evening, this will no longer be a DC Blog. Doesn't fully feel like it, since I still have junk here and will be back to complete my move-out. I have the apartment until the end of the month, and this piecemeal move has been dragging a little. No, wait... I've been dragging, because I hate moving in general, and I wasn't ready for this move in particular. Geez, I'm blogging instead of packing. What does that tell you? I have stuff I haven't used in the four years I've been here, or more. I found the clothes I wore on Graduation Day, 1996! But those clothes are very special, so I keep them. I've just got so much stuff... I wish I could just close my eyes and throw it all in the trash. All these things don't make me who I am, and yet they are important because they represent pieces of my life, and I'm not willing to toss them away. It's good baggage. Tomorrow begins a new chapter in my life - a new job, and starting over in a new city. The quest to keep myself open to new things and new people begins again. It's been grand, DC. I've loved you and I've hated you. But in the end, you're what I've made of you, and you're all right. And more importantly, I'll be back! mwah. [edited postscript: DC, WHY did you have to send a quirky-cute guy to wink at me on match just before leaving? You're evil. I hate you again. Sorta. :)]


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